LinqAI is driven by powerful
industry experts.

Logan Audie

CEO & Co-Founder

George Fox

COO & Co-Founder

Ryan Kinney


Narek Avetisyan

Lead Developer

Tomass Sola

Product Designer

Ejay Rivera

Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Aaron Mau

Front-end Developer

Aboubakr Benhass

Community Manager

Questions About our LinqAI?
We have Answers!

LinqAI is run by experienced professionals in AI, blockchain, and business development, supported by an advisory board with expertise in legal, financial, and technological aspects​​. As previosuly mentioned that when 2500 holders are reached they will become fully doxxed.

Tokens are used to incentivize developers, data scientists, and other contributors, promoting collaboration and innovation. They also serve as a stake in the project, fostering ownership, engagement, and loyalty among users, clients, and partners​​.

Ethereum is one of the most secure and decentralized blockchains. Its large network of nodes and miners offers robust security against attacks, making it a trusted choice for projects that prioritize security over transaction speed and cost. Ethereum’s long-standing presence and reputation in the market are a compelling reason for projects to launch on its platform. Users and investors may be more inclined to trust and engage with projects associated with a well-known and established blockchain than some other more centralized others.

For community members holding 100,000 $LNQ or more they will get 50% of the EarnAI monthly collection airdropped to their wallets (in ETH) regardless of whichever revenue sharing option was chosen by the community​​.

LinqAI follows EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, ensuring transparency in decision-making processes and backing critical decisions with human judgment​​.

Token holders get sliding-scale discounts on subscription fees, proportional to the number of tokens held, ranging from 5% to 15% discounts based on token quantity​​.

Token holders have voting rights, allowing them to be actively involved in the product development process and express opinions on new features, partnerships, or strategic decisions through polls or surveys​​.

Yes, regular community events offer opportunities to earn extra $LNQ tokens, and special promotions, partnerships, or milestones can trigger additional airdrop events​​.

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