Q1 24

In the first quarter of 2024, linqAI is set to make a significant splash with a Stealth Launch of $LNQ and listings on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap. The period will see the introduction of Marketr GPT for the OpenAI GPT Platform, alongside a major upgrade to the Google AI Scale Startup. Applications to both the Apple and Microsoft Developer Programs will be submitted, coinciding with the launch of the linqAI website and the unveiling of the 2024 & 2025 roadmap. Development and beta testing of Marketr Beta will commence, alongside the initial development of Analyzr. The quarter will conclude with the completion of Marketr Beta Development on March 28 and the private beta launch on March 31.

  • $LNQ Stealth Launch
  • $List on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap
  • Marketr GPT (for OpenAI GPT Platform)
  • Apply to Apple & Microsoft Developer Program
  • 2024 & 2025 Roadmap launch
  • Marketr Beta Development Conclusion
  • Marketr Private Beta Launch
  • Commence development on Analyzr
Q2 24

The second quarter will feature the launch of Yield Farms and EarnAI on April 1, along with a listing on a Tier 2 Centralised Exchange. Efforts to enhance liquidity and market presence will include employing a Market Maker for CEX and LP fluency on Uniswap V2. Public launches are slated for Marketr SaaS, Linq Portal V2.0/LinqHub, and the commencement of Analyzr Plugin Development. Key product releases include the Marketr SaaS Public Launch on April 1, Linq Portal V2.0 on May 1, and the Website V2.0 for Marketr and linqAI on June 1.

  • Launch Yield Farms
  • EarnAI launch (01 April 24)
  • List on Tier 2 Centralised Exchange
  • Employ Market Maker for CEX & LP fluency on Uniswap V2
  • Marketr SaaS Public Launch
  • Linq Portal V2.0/LinqHub
  • $LNQ Yield Farms
  • Analyzr Plugin Development Commenced
Q3 24

The focus of the third quarter will shift towards the development of a proprietary LLM (CAN-2 -> CAN-3), emphasizing training with diverse, marketing-specific datasets and implementing continuous learning mechanisms. Training on CAN-3 will begin, alongside the development of an AI-driven influencer collaboration tool to optimize influencer marketing strategies. Predictive analytics for future market trends and consumer behaviors will be implemented, with development starting on Engagr. Noteworthy product releases include the Marketr Analytics Public Release on July 1 and the Marketr Influencer Collaboration Tool Beta Release on September 1.

  • Development of Proprietary LLM (CAN-2 -> CAN-3) Focus on training with diverse, marketing-specific datasets and implement continuous learning mechanisms
  • Commence training on CAN-3
  • Marketr Influencer Collaboration Tool Beta Release
  • Implement predictive analytics for future market trends and consumer behaviors
  • Commence Development on Engagr
Q4 24

The final quarter of 2024 will see continued progress with the second round of training on CAN-3 and the creation of a Marketr Plugin for Engagr, leading up to the release of Engagr Beta. Significant product milestones include the Engagr Beta Release on November 1 and the launch of the Engagr Plugin for Marketr on December 1. This period aims to solidify linqAI's offerings and prepare for further advancements in the coming year.

  • Round 2 training on CAN-3
  • Create Marketr Plugin for Engagr
  • Engagr Beta Released
Q1 25

In the first quarter of 2025, linqAI will launch its cryptocurrency $LNQ on Layer 2 solutions Optimism and Arbitrum, and introduce Farms v2 along with the CAN-3. Additionally, the quarter will mark the debut of CAN-3-M, a marketing-focused variant, trained on data generated by Marketr throughout 2024. This advancement will lead to the replacement of the Marketr LLM with CAN-3-M and kick off the initial development rounds for the Managr and Predictr Beta versions.

  • $LNQ Launch on L2 (Optimism/Arbitrum)
  • Farms v2
  • CAN-3 Launch
  • Release CAN-3-M (Marketing focused variant of CAN-3 trained on marketing data generated by Marketr over 2024)
  • Replace Marketr LLM with CAN-3-M
  • Round 1 development on Managr Beta
  • Round 1 development on Predictr Beta
Q2 25

The second quarter of 2025 will see linqAI relocking 15% of the previously unlocked $LNQ in the treasury. This period is also slated for the launch of Marketr V2.0, which will feature a completely autonomous suite for end-to-end marketing needs, including advanced tools for copy and graphic generation, deep analytics, and more. Moreover, linqAI will continue its development momentum with the second rounds of development for both the Managr and Predictr Betas.

  • Launch Marketr V2.0 - completely autonomous enhancement for end-to-end marketing. Marketr V2.0 will launch complete with Copy Generation, Graphic Generation, Video Generation, Deep Analytics, Active Engagement, Active Outreach, Automated Posting and more.
  • Relock 15% of unlocked $LNQ in treasury
  • Round 2 development on Managr Beta
  • Round 2 development on Predictr Beta
Q3 25

During the third quarter, linqAI is set to begin beta testing for the Managr and Predictr platforms and will also start the first round of development for the Detectr and Designer Betas. This phase is critical for refining the functionalities of linqAI's expanding suite of tools, preparing them for eventual public release.

  • Commence Managr Beta Testing
  • Commence Predictr Beta Testing
  • Round 1 development on Detectr Beta
  • Round 1 Development on Designer Beta
Q4 25

The fourth quarter of 2025 will be a pivotal time for linqAI, with the completion of the second rounds of development and beta testing for Detectr and Designer. This quarter will also see the start of CAN-4 development and the eagerly anticipated public launches of Managr and Predictr, alongside the introduction of Farms v3, marking a significant milestone in linqAI's growth and service offerings.

  • Round 2 development & Beta testing on Detectr Beta
  • Round 2 development & Beta testing on Designer Beta
  • CAN-4 Development commencement
  • Managr public launch
  • Predictr public launch
  • Farms v3

Questions About our LinqAI?
We have Answers!

LinqAI is run by experienced professionals in AI, blockchain, and business development, supported by an advisory board with expertise in legal, financial, and technological aspects​​. As previosuly mentioned that when 2500 holders are reached they will become fully doxxed.

Tokens are used to incentivize developers, data scientists, and other contributors, promoting collaboration and innovation. They also serve as a stake in the project, fostering ownership, engagement, and loyalty among users, clients, and partners​​.

Ethereum is one of the most secure and decentralized blockchains. Its large network of nodes and miners offers robust security against attacks, making it a trusted choice for projects that prioritize security over transaction speed and cost. Ethereum’s long-standing presence and reputation in the market are a compelling reason for projects to launch on its platform. Users and investors may be more inclined to trust and engage with projects associated with a well-known and established blockchain than some other more centralized others.

For community members holding 100,000 $LNQ or more they will get 50% of the EarnAI monthly collection airdropped to their wallets (in ETH) regardless of whichever revenue sharing option was chosen by the community​​.

LinqAI follows EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, ensuring transparency in decision-making processes and backing critical decisions with human judgment​​.

Token holders get sliding-scale discounts on subscription fees, proportional to the number of tokens held, ranging from 5% to 15% discounts based on token quantity​​.

Token holders have voting rights, allowing them to be actively involved in the product development process and express opinions on new features, partnerships, or strategic decisions through polls or surveys​​.

Yes, regular community events offer opportunities to earn extra $LNQ tokens, and special promotions, partnerships, or milestones can trigger additional airdrop events​​.

Buying $LNQ you can ensure you benefit from the AI revolution.

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